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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – PT PLN (Persero) is committed to encouraging the use of clean energy in Indonesia. Apart from the use of electric vehicles, the company will also intensify the provision of other clean energy sources, namely green hydrogen (green hydrogen), for the transportation sector.

PLN President Director Darmawan Prasodjo said, in order to achieve the Net Zero Emissions (NZE) target by 2060, the company had made various efforts. One of them is by encouraging an ecosystem for developing hydrogen-fueled transportation.

“Well, if we look at it, there are 2 schools of thought, the first is using battery-based electric cars, the second is using hydrogen,” said Darmawan at the inauguration of PLN’s Green Hydrogen Plant (GHP) at PLTGU Tanjung Priok, Jakarta, Monday (20/ 11/2023).

He believes that the Indonesian government will likely consider both. Bearing in mind, these two sectors have the same role in terms of reducing emissions and efforts to reduce fuel oil (BBM) imports.

“We are just interpreting it because we are only a state-owned company. It seems that the Indonesian government is considering both, not one but both. Electric cars are being promoted, the hydrogen ecosystem is also being promoted. Whichever will work later, of course this will be based on technical feasibility and also commercial feasibilityand we are ready to run,” he said.

As is known, PLN has just inaugurated 21 Green Hydrogen Plant (GHP) units throughout Indonesia, on Monday (20/11/2023). Through this GHP, the company is able to produce 199 tons of green hydrogen per year.

Darmawan said that GHP was PLN’s strategic step to build a supply chain green hydrogen first in Indonesia. This green initiative is expected to be able to accelerate the energy transition and achieve NZE by 2060.

According to Darmawan, with 21 GHP, his party is able to produce almost 200 tons green hydrogen per year, from previously only 51 tons of hydrogen per year.

Production result green hydrogen of this, as much as 75 tonnes per year is used for operational needs of the plant (generator cooling), while the other 124 tons can be used for various needs, one of which is for vehicles.

“So today is exactly a month, after that it increased from 1 to 21 green hydrogen production this is amazing. In the past, the capacity was 51 tons excess capacity 41-43 tons, we can increase it to 199 tons if anyone can excess capacity 124 tons. “This means that previously only 150 hydrogen cars could be increased to 424 hydrogen cars,” he said.

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