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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A new disaster enveloped Beijing, China. The area is now threatened by thick fog.

Experts attribute the smog in Beijing, which has persisted for several days, to poor atmospheric diffusion. This is due to the unseasonably weak flow of cold air from the north.

Visibility in most areas of Beijing dropped to less than 500 meters. Residents were also asked to wear masks.

“I didn’t expect the smog to be so bad recently. The masks I brought were almost gone,” said a 24-year-old Beijing tourist surnamed Gao, quoted ReutersThursday (2/11/2023).

The same condition also occurred in Hebei Province and Tianjin city. Hebei is even at the highest pollution alert level.

“Moderate to heavy air pollution is expected in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and surrounding cities until Thursday, with severe conditions in the short term,” China’s Environment Ministry said.

“Even though northern areas will improve in the first half of this month, pollution may still exist in southern areas,” he added.

The Beijing Observatory in the last ten days of October recorded an average temperature of 3.4 degrees Celsius higher than usual. This, according to local media, broke the record for the same period since 1961.

The month’s average temperature was the second highest in 62 years, behind the record set in 2006. But starting Thursday night, cold air is expected to push temperatures lower, perhaps to new lows.

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