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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Fashion brand Beyond The Vines (BTV) apologized after receiving strong reactions from social media users, because its founder was observed following pro-Israel accounts on Instagram.

This reaction emerged following a series of actions on social media related to the Israel – Hamas war. The apology was conveyed in a statement uploaded to BTV’s Instagram account.

The statement was also signed by the founders of BTV themselves, namely Daniel Chew and Rebecca Ting.

“We would like to respond to the recent clarification regarding our stance on the tragedy currently occurring in Gaza. We both acknowledge that our words and attitudes were insensitive and inappropriate,” wrote the statement, according to the South China Morning Post, quoted from Detikcom , Saturday (18/11/2023).

From the statement it was also written that his party did not condone the killing of thousands of innocent Palestinians.

“Our hearts are heavy and our thoughts and prayers are with them,” the statement read.

“As brand founders, we take responsibility for our insensitivity and mishandling of this issue. We aspire to be a business that our community is proud of and hope to be given the opportunity to learn and do the right thing in the future,” the article continued.

This controversy started with a netizen who claimed that Chew followed pro-Israel Christian accounts on Instagram. The account is called Firm or Fellowship of Israel Associated Ministries.

“Chew was caught liking pro-Israel posts from @firmisrael and @nccsg, who encouraged their followers to pray for Israel in the midst of genocide,” said TikTok user ‘psstpsstea’

After that, netizens acted quickly through comments on Chew and BTV’s Instagram accounts.

Che himself has also spoken out about this in a series of Instagram Stories on his personal account.

“I know that certain accusations with my support for genocide during this war have been leveled against me as a father. I am saddened to witness the events that occurred. Every child has the right to return safely to the arms of his father,” he said.

He emphasized that he does not support or condone any form of violence against civilians, especially children, women and the elderly. He also admitted to following the Firm’s account after learning about it from a colleague who had visited Israel.

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