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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The technology war between China and the United States (US) made chip father Morris Chang open his voice. According to him, what is happening now has brought a setback for globalization.

The creator of chip giant TSMC explained that globalization priorities such as national security and technological progress could be hampered by the war. The two countries are said to prefer competition rather than cooperation.

Globalization, the 91 year old man calls it, is a bridge for the world economy to move forward by limiting business boundaries in each country. This step needs to be taken with a commitment not to endanger each other’s state security.

With what is happening now, he questions whether it can be called globalization. “Current conditions can still be called globalization?” he said at a business forum in Taipei, quoted from Reuters, Wednesday (1/11/2023).

According to him, globalization peaked in the 2010s. However, as time goes by, it continues to slow down.

This also cannot be separated from the role of China and the US who want to advance each country’s chip industry. But unfortunately both of their steps were accompanied by a desire to weaken each other.

Previously, Chang had also spoken out about globalization. At that time, according to him, globalization in the chip industry was dead.

TSMC itself is the most valuable company in Asia. The chip giant, which produces for companies like Apple, is said to be a protector for Taiwan’s economy.

Meanwhile, the US and China continue to do everything they can to outperform each other. Including by blocking technology produced by his opponents.

For example, the US expands technology blocking for China. Xi Jinping’s government also announced that it would impose export restrictions on a number of metal materials in semiconductor production in the communications and defense industries.

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