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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – HP batteries are one of the most important parts now. Smartphone users want longer battery life and don’t want to use the charger too often.

However, there are actually several ways to make the battery usable for a long time. This method is quite easy and can be done by the cellphone user himself.

The following are tips provided by Google for Android cellphone users to have a long-lasting battery, quoted from Gizchina, Thursday (2/11/2023):

1. Make your cellphone screen turn off faster

Most users leave the cellphone screen on for too long. This happens even when they are not using their phone.

You should make your phone automatically turn off when not in use. When the screen is off, the power consumption will be less.

2. Reduce Screen Brightness

You also need to reduce the screen brightness. Because the brighter the screen, the more energy it will consume or drain the cellphone battery.

A slightly dimmer screen can extend battery life. So lower the brightness, including when you are in a place that is not brightly lit.

3. Adjust Brightness

A number of cellphones are equipped with the ability to adjust the screen brightness which changes automatically depending on the ambient lighting. This setting will adjust the brightness depending on the surrounding environment.

However, for those who use a cellphone with stable lighting conditions, they can set it manually. Because maybe this could be the best option for these users.

4. Turn off Keyboard Sound or Vibration

The sound or vibration of the keyboard activates the device’s haptic feedback mechanism. Unfortunately, this mechanism requires energy to function. So turning off sound and vibration mode on the keyboard can save battery on your cellphone.

5. Limit Applications

Another way that needs to be done is to manage applications on your cellphone. Find and limit apps that drain your battery quickly.

6. Enable the Adaptive Battery Feature

The adaptive battery feature functions to optimize energy consumption on the device. The feature will analyze cellphone usage, such as applications and limit background processes.

Enabling the feature will help reduce battery consumption. Including making cellphones operate more efficiently and extending battery life.

7. Delete Unused Accounts

Users have multiple accounts, including email, social media and other services. Unfortunately, this account can block and synchronize data automatically, draining battery power.

So it’s a good idea to delete unused accounts. To do this, go to Settings > Password and account, select the account you want to delete and click the Remove Account button.

8. Enable Dark Theme

Android phones are now equipped with a dark theme. The appearance will change to be darker than the previous bright and colorful one.

Activating the dark theme can extend battery life. Because on many modern smartphones, especially Amoled screens, black pixels do not light up.

9. Other Tips

There are a number of other tips that you might be able to apply to extend the life of your Android cellphone. Here are some of them:

  • Uses Wifi, as it consumes less battery than mobile data
  • Turn off Bluetooth and GPS when not in use
  • Use power saving mode
  • Don’t forget to update the software as soon as possible
  • Avoid extreme temperatures, too hot and cold, because this can damage the quality and shorten its service life
  • Use a battery case, which will extend battery life
  • Use a battery optimizer app
  • Reduce the number of installed apps
  • Uninstall unused applications
  • Restart the application periodically
  • If you use a removable battery, it’s best to replace it if it’s old and damaged

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