Minister of Communication and Information Bluntly Says There Are Many Problems in the ITE Tech Law – 4 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The ITE Law has been revised for the second time. After being ratified in 2008, the first revision was in 2016 and currently the second revision is in progress.

The DPR together with the government have also completed a draft revision of the ITE Law. The draft has been prepared to enter level II discussions.

In a Working Meeting with Commission I, Minister of Communication and Information Budi Arie Setiadi said that since it was passed until now the regulation needs adjustments. According to him, this regulation needs to be relevant to community needs and existing legal developments.

He admitted that there were several problems in implementing the ITE Law. For example, there are different norms applied in different places.

“The application of criminal norms in the ITE Law varies in various places. Therefore, many parties consider the norms of the ITE Law to have multiple interpretations, are rubbery, suppress press freedom, and even threaten freedom of opinion,” said Budi, Wednesday (22/ 11/2023).

Another problem is the view that the ITE Law cannot provide protection for internet users. Especially children who use the internet.

Using digital services or products can provide great benefits. However, on the contrary, it can also be a risk for these children.

“Therefore, Electronic System Operators who provide digital products or services must take responsibility for fulfilling children’s rights, while protecting children from physical and psychological danger or risk,” he explained.

The ITE Law also needs to optimize the role of government. Namely in order to build a digital ecosystem that is fair, accountable, safe and innovative.

Budi also added the importance of strengthening electronic certificate services. Considering that electronic certificate providers provide a number of services other than electronic signatures.

“The current ITE Law still requires strengthening the authority of Civil Servant Investigators (PPNS) of the Ministry of Communication and Information in carrying out investigations of cyber crimes,” he said.

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