Live Score Link for the 2023 SKD CPNS Exam and How to Download Tech Scores – 19 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The results of the basic competency selection test (SKD) for candidates for state civil servants (2023) can be seen in real time by the public. BKN provides a link that can be used to monitor the exam process and grades from start to finish.

The State Civil Service Agency provides 304 exam locations within the country and 62 locations abroad. The SKD implementation for CPNS is scheduled to last until November 18 2023.

BKN announced that the total number of applicants for 2023 state civil servants (CASN) who did not meet the requirements or did not pass the file selection reached 555,421 people.

This number is equivalent to 23.03% of the total who have completed the registration process and successfully submitted their files by the application deadline on October 11 2023, totaling 2,411,520 people.

“From the number of applicants who did not meet the requirements, there were 555,421 people,” said Plt. Head of BKN Haryomo Dwi Putranto in his office, Jakarta, Thursday (9/11/2023).

The number of people who created an account but have not completed the registration process stages until submitting the files actually reached 2,944,856 people. However, 1,853,617 CASN applicants have completed the document input and passed the administrative selection.

As for the details for CASN applicants who have passed the file selection so they can take the basic competency selection test (SKD) as of today, Thursday (9/11/2023), specifically for CPNS, there are 725,589 CPNS applicants continuing to the SKD stage and 1,128,028 PPPK applicants continuing to the Competency Selection stage.

SKD CPNS 2023 uses a computer assisted test or CAT system. Each participant’s answer can be monitored directly.

SKD CPNS 2023 live score link

Value or live scores The CPNS SKD is recorded at the location point (tilok) where the exam is held and then broadcast live via streaming.

The live broadcast displays the participants’ complete scores, followed by session information and the institutions they applied for.

Here’s the collection live score link SKD CPNS 2023 to monitor the exam scores of each participant.

Central BKN SKD socre live link

Central BKN provides the Official CAT BKN YouTube channel for monitoring live scores SKD CPNS from various agencies and regions.

Several independent location points from agencies are available, such as the Attorney General’s Office, the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Kemenkumham), and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbud Ristek).

Here are some link-his:

SKD Kanreg V BKN Jakarta link

Regional Office V BKN Jakarta broadcasts the CPNS SKD live score on its YouTube channel. The live broadcast can be watched at the following link:

Live score link for Kanreg VI BKN Medan

Through the YouTube channel, Kanreg VI BKN Medan provides live scores SKD CPNS 2023 for a number of government agencies held in North Sumatra.

Here’s the link:

Link Kanreg I BKN Yogyakarta

Kanreg I BKN Yogyakarta provides a live broadcast link to monitor CPNS SKD results from various agencies.

The public can monitor the implementation of competency selection at the Yogyakarta location by accessing the following link:

Kanreg X BKN Denpasar Live Score Link

The YouTube channel belonging to Kanreg

Here’s the link or live score link-his:

How to download the 2023 CPNS SKD certificate

Participants who have taken the exam can download the certificate as proof of participation in the 2023 SKD CPNS.

Following are the steps to download the SKD certificate:

  • Open the page or directly visit the following link
  • Type the population identification number (NIK) and participant number.
  • Select the selection type, namely “Civil Servant Candidates” to find out the CPNS SKD score.
  • Click “DOWNLOAD”.
  • The SKD CPNS score certificate document will be downloaded automatically with files JPG format.

That’s how to monitor the SKD CPNS 2023 live score and download the certificate. Please try.

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