List of Bad Habits That Make Your Cell Phone Damage Quickly Tech – 17 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Some of these habits are often done, but they actually cause your cellphone to become damaged quickly.

Many don’t realize it. Incorrect daily use can decrease your cellphone’s performance. Starting from battery performance to attacking the software.

Here are some things to avoid, summarized by CNBC Indonesia, Tuesday (14/11/2023).

1. Using a cheap charger cable

The main thing that users often do is buy cheap, unbranded charging cables.

This is not about a trusted manufacturer like Anker or one that has Made For iPhone certification, but a nameless USB cable that you find for IDR 10 thousand.

Many of these cables can permanently damage your cellphone. Buy an original charger or from a well-known brand whose quality is guaranteed.

2. Not using a case

You may prefer the appearance of your cellphone without a casing because it is cleaner, but the risk is not worth it. Even small chips and cracks can compromise structural integrity and increase the likelihood of large-scale damage.

Not only that, these small cracks can damage the resale value of your cellphone when you want to sell your iPhone or Android before upgrading.

If you really want to make the cellphone ‘naked’, be prepared to pay for repairs if an incident occurs.

3. Draining the battery too often

HP batteries degrade with use, after a few years the maximum battery life will not be as high as when the device was new.

These things can’t be avoided, but bad habits can accelerate that degradation and kill your battery more quickly.

To avoid this, you should discharge the battery regularly, and recharge the battery before it runs out completely.

Don’t worry about charging it overnight. Keep the battery above 30% or so, allow the battery to drain occasionally to calibrate the sensor, and you will keep the battery healthy for as long as possible.

4. Taking underwater selfies too often

No gadget is truly “waterproof”,

regardless of what the manufacturer claims. Certain devices may be more waterproof than others, but there is always a chance that water can get inside, and the more you expose your device to water, the more you lower its resistance.

So even if your device is rated IP67 or IP68, use it in water sparingly. It may not damage your phone immediately, but over time and repeated exposure it will only cause problems.

5. Not updating

Software updates must be carried out regularly if there are new updates from the service provider.

A bad habit that people often do is delaying or even deliberately not updating.

One way to do regular updates is to protect your device from malware and other serious problems.

Don’t delay updating if a new one appears. Make sure your apps are updated too, as they often contain bug fixes and similar security updates that keep you safe.

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