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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Indonesia is entering a political year ahead of the upcoming 2024 General Election. Finance or leasing companies also admit that they are optimistic that there will be an increase in vehicle sales, both cars and motorbikes, next year.

“The total number of cars this year is 1,050 million units, next year it will increase by 5-10%, even though there are elections and so on, in my opinion the market is still moving well. Meanwhile, motorbikes coming in this year are 5.8 million units, next year we are confident it will reach 6 million unit,” said Marketing SEVP Mandiri Utama Finance (MUF) Yanto Tjia after Porsche Financing Services powered by Mandiri Utama Finance, Thursday (9/11/23).

One belief is that there will be an increase in vehicle sales because the company has a network that continues to grow and includes a customer database, including from Bank Mandiri. When the vehicle sales target increased to 10%, the finance company was actually more expansive and believed that the number of people using its services would grow even more.

“We also have complete products so that makes us confident that ahead of 2024, APMs remain optimistic about an increase of 5-10%. We are frankly optimistic because of network products, we are optimistic that ours will increase by around 20-25%,” said Yanto.

One of the sales pillars currently being targeted by finance companies is luxury and premium cars.

Meanwhile, MUF Corporate Secretary and Legal Elisabeth Lidya Sirait said that her party is aiming at this segment because the market is getting wider.

“Previously, luxury vehicles were only limited to certain people, now there are a lot of luxury car communities, from young people to advanced levels. The market is increasing so we support the needs of this community,” said Elisabeth.

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