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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Since starting operations in 2014, the Health Social Security Administering Body (BPJS) has become part of the national social security system which provides health protection to the community.

In this way, sufferers of diseases covered by BPJS Health can obtain health facilities for free.

Based on Law (UU) Number 24 of 2011 concerning the Social Security Administering Body, every person, including foreigners who work for at least six months in Indonesia, is required to become a BPJS Health participant.

Similar to other insurance, BPJS Health participants are required to pay participant contributions every month. As long as the membership status is active, participants can get free health services at collaborating clinics and hospitals.

However, BPJS also does not cover all health services. The following is a list of health services that are not covered by BPJS Health according to Presidential Regulation number 82 of 2018 concerning Health Insurance.

  1. Diseases in the form of epidemics or extraordinary events.
  2. Treatments related to beauty and aesthetics, such as plastic surgery.
  3. Teeth straightening like braces.
  4. Diseases resulting from criminal acts, such as abuse or sexual violence.
  5. Illness or injury resulting from deliberate self-harm or attempted suicide.
  6. Diseases resulting from alcohol consumption or drug dependence.
  7. Treatment of barrenness or infertility.
  8. Illness or injury resulting from events that cannot be prevented, such as brawls.
  9. Health services provided abroad
  10. Treatment and medical procedures are categorized as trials or experiments.
  11. Complementary, alternative and traditional medicine that has not been declared effective based on health technology assessments.
  12. Contraception.
  13. Household health supplies.
  14. Health services that do not comply with the provisions of statutory regulations, consisting of referrals at your own request and other health services that do not comply with statutory regulations.
  15. Health services in health facilities that do not collaborate with BPJS Health, except in emergency situations.
  16. Health services for illnesses or injuries resulting from work accidents or work relationships that are guaranteed by the work accident insurance program or are borne by the employer
  17. Health services guaranteed by the mandatory traffic accident insurance program up to the amount covered by the traffic accident insurance program according to the participant’s treatment class rights
  18. Certain health services related to the Ministry of Defense, Indonesian National Army (TNI), and Polri.
  19. Health services provided within the framework of social service.
  20. Services that are already covered under other programs.
  21. Other services that are not related to the health insurance benefits provided.

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