Jokowi’s Achievement Only Loses to Soeharto News – 7 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia– Indonesia’s trade balance extended its surplus record to 42 months. This record is a major achievement in the era of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) because it is one of the longest in Indonesian history.

The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) recorded a trade balance surplus in October 2023 reaching US$ 3.48 billion. The surplus was higher than the recorded US$ 3.41 billion.

The surplus in October 2023 extends the positive achievements in Indonesia’s trade balance. The surplus has now reached 42 consecutive months, namely from May 2020 to October 2023.

This achievement is considered extraordinary considering that Indonesia’s trade balance in 2018 to 2019 was often marked by a deficit. In the period July 2018-January 2020, the trade balance recorded a deficit of 13 times and five times the deficit.