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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Joe Biden opens a new account on Truth Social, an X/Twitter competitor’s social media account. This could be interpreted as Biden’s support or affection for his competitor, Donald Trump.

Moreover, the Biden account created by his campaign team at Truth Social only follows Trump’s account.

Truth Social itself is a social media created by Trump with the ambition to ‘spread the truth’.

However, it seems that the account created by the Biden campaign team aims to make fun of Donald Trump, who intends to run in the United States (US) presidential election next year.

“Let’s see how it goes. Welcome change makers,” wrote the @bidenhq account post, quoted from BusinessInsiderWednesday (18/10/2023).

BusinessInsider wrote that Biden’s account only follows Trump. The banter on social media also continued on social media X (formerly Twitter).

The Biden campaign team account at X announced that it had opened an account at Truth Social. The account alludes to seeking the truth on the platform.

“We just joined Truth Social, specifically because we thought it would be really funny. Follow us there to find the truth or whatever it is called,” wrote the account.

To Fox News, Biden campaign staff explained opening an account on Truth Social as a way for his team to reach conservative voters. The staff also touched on the truth that he said very little happens on the platform.

Meanwhile, Truth Social did not respond to requests for comment made outside normal business hours.

Truth Social was founded by Trump who is a former US president. This move came after he was ‘expelled’ from various social media due to riots occurring at the US Capitol Building in 2021 after the businessman attempted to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

Truth Social claims to be a platform for alternative freedom of expression compared to other social media such as Facebook or Twitter.

However, Truth Social is not yet very popular with the public. It is recorded that it only has two million active users, which is very different from other social media which have hundreds of millions or even billions of users.

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