It’s Crowded, Check the Differences in Negotiation Features on Gojek and inDrive Tech – 18 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The online transportation market in Indonesia is increasingly diverse with companies offering price negotiation features.

Currently there are two applications that have and will offer this price negotiation feature, they are inDrive and Gojek.

So what’s the difference between Gojek and InDrive’s price negotiation features?

inDrive offers services at prices that are the result of negotiations or agreements between drivers and passengers.

The price bargaining feature in inDrive gives passengers the opportunity to first submit a price offer as a delivery fee to their destination location.

Before offering rates, there is a recommended price provided from the application. This price can be a benchmark for passengers to determine fares.

After the passenger enters a fare offer, the application will convey it to the driver who sets the fare according to or close to the passenger’s offer.

Then, if an agreement has been reached between the passenger and driver, the new online motorcycle taxi order will be processed.

Until now, the inDrive payment method only uses cash with an initial tariff agreement.

Meanwhile on the Gojek application, the GoRide Nego feature allows direct interaction between passengers and drivers.

Apart from that, in the Gojek ecosystem, there is a Gopay digital wallet which is usually used to pay for necessities such as GoRide. This could be a differentiator from inDrive, which currently only accepts cash payments.

However, it is still not known in detail what mechanism Gojek will use. Because this feature was only announced in the GoTo Group’s Third Quarter 2023 Performance Report.

“The company is trialling GoRide Nego, which allows consumers and driver partners to communicate directly and mutually agree on delivery prices,” GoTo wrote in the report.

“This is an example of the Company’s continuous innovation with the aim of reaching consumers.” he added

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