iPhone Owners Are More Willing to Take Debt to Buy a Cellphone Than Android Tech – 1 hour ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – To be able to own an iPhone worth tens of millions, a number of users have special methods. Namely by going into debt or taking the installment offer offered to buy an iPhone.

It turns out that this phenomenon is much higher than those who want to buy an Android cellphone. This can be seen in research released by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP).

According to this data, 55% of iPhone users use the installment method to buy their newest cellphone. This number is higher than Android buyers, namely 44% with the same options.

Meanwhile, only 38% paid their cellphone payments in advance compared to 49% of Android buyers, quoted from Apple InsiderMonday (6/11/2023).

A number of banks and cellular operators do offer installment options for purchasing an iPhone. Some even provide 0% interest for those who have installments.

Apple Insider noted several reasons why iPhone buyers make more installments. For example, due to the combination of a higher iPhone price and a higher trade-in value.

This is also the reason why iPhone owners keep their phones longer than Android users.

Mobile operators are also taking advantage of the increase in trade-in value. Namely by releasing attractive trade-in promotional offers, which encourage buyers to exchange their cellphone with higher specifications and make new installments.

Apple also released its own installment plan. Through the iPhone Upgrade Program, the company provides monthly installments for Apple Card owners who want to buy an iPhone through a major operator.

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