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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Minister of Investment and Head of the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) Bahlil Lahadalia is confident that this year’s investment realization target of IDR 1,400 trillion can be achieved.

In fact, he is confident that BKPM can meet the investment realization target next year which is set at IDR 1,650 trillion. However, he said that investment is always held up in political years.

“What is the form of my belief that next year the investment target is IDR 1,650 trillion, next year the target is IDR 1,650 trillion, actually you ask Mr. Airlangga,” said Bahlil at the Third Quarter 2023 Investment Realization Press Conference, Friday (20/10/2023 ).

“But okay, I’m a soldier,” said Bahlil.

He is optimistic even though 2024 is full of mysteries. The war between Ukraine and Russia is not over, now geopolitical tensions are emerging in the Middle East, between Israel and Palestine. This condition, said Bahlil, will have an impact on Indonesia, especially foreign direct investment.

“On the basis of uncertain geopolitics, then geoeconomics that have not yet recovered, this will definitely have an impact on global economic growth, including Indonesia, especially regarding FDI,” he said.

Regarding the prospects for this investment, Bahlil admitted that his party would only publish a study in November. Regarding the 2024 election, he hopes that the presidential and vice presidential candidates can focus on competing ideas rather than pushing each other and dividing each other.

“So, in my opinion, just compete for ideas, let the people judge. That is much better from the perspective of encouraging our domestic stability to be maintained,” he stressed.

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