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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Chinese President Xi Jinping reportedly gave a warning to Japan. This was done when he met with Japanese Prime Minister (PM) Fumio Kishida, on the sidelines of the APEC Summit in the United States (US).

Quote AFP Friday, Xi emphasized that the release of radioactive waste from the Fukushima nuclear power plant (PLTN) would have an impact on human health. Xi’s statement was made by the Beijing Foreign Ministry on Friday (17/11/2023).

“Xi Jinping stated in a meeting with… Kishida that the release of contaminated water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan worries the health of all mankind,” stressed Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning.

Xi, he said, had urged Kishida during talks in San Francisco to consider it. Including legitimate concerns at home and abroad.”

The Fukushima nuclear power plant is known to have dumped a second batch of processed radioactive wastewater into the sea since October. This occurred after the first round of exile ended smoothly, August to September 11.

Previously, power plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings (TEPCO) said workers activated pumps to dilute treated waste with large amounts of seawater. Later the mixture will be channeled into the sea through a tunnel for disposal.

It is known that around 1.34 million tons of radioactive waste water is stored in around 1,000 tanks at the nuclear plant. This amount has accumulated since the power plant was paralyzed by a large earthquake and tsunami in 2011.

China itself is one of the countries that protested this. Beijing bans all imports of Japanese seafood.

Kishida reportedly also responded to this. At the APEC meeting he demanded that China provide scientific evidence and remove restrictions on imports of Japanese food products.

“Both parties agreed to find a solution through dialogue and discussion based on a constructive attitude,” it said AFP quote it.

China and Japan are neighboring countries with a number of problems. Japan expressed serious concern about China’s military activities near its country, including its collaboration with Russia

At least 17 Japanese people have been detained by Chinese authorities since amendments to China’s anti-espionage law took effect in 2015. The Japanese Embassy confirmed last month that one of its citizens, an employee of Japanese pharmaceutical company Astellas, had been formally arrested months after Beijing said they detained the man on charges of spying.

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