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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A number of attacks bombarded Israel, Thursday evening local time. Several missiles were reported to have been fired from Lebanese territory into the Jewish land.

“Israel is suffering damage,” he wrote Al Jazeera in his report early Friday morning (3/11/2023). “Al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas’ Lebanese wing claims responsibility”.

Video footage also shows how a number of fires occurred. Rockets appeared to hit cars and buildings in Israel.

The fire also stopped a number of vehicles. However, no officers were seen extinguishing the fire. It is written that the area is Qiyat Shemona. However, there has been no official statement from Tel Aviv.

Israel fires heavily due to Lebanese attacks (Reuters Video)Photo: (Reuters Video)
Israel fires heavily due to Lebanese attacks (Reuters Video)

Apart from Hamas, Hezbollah was also reported to have carried out the attack Thursday. In a report on the same page, Hezbollah admitted to attacking 19 Israeli police in a “coordinated attack”.

The group, which is also based in Lebanon, said they attacked Israeli military positions along the border simultaneously at 15.30 yesterday. It said it targeted the positions with “missiles, artillery fire” and other weapons.

Previously, the Houthi group in Yemen was also reported to have attacked Israel. A number of drones were fired on Wednesday.

“The drones hit the target,” a Houthi spokesman was quoted as saying in the update Al Jazeera. “We will continue to carry out military operations in support of the Palestinian people until Israeli aggression in Gaza stops.”

The Houthis are believed to be responsible for the October 28 drone attack. The Yemeni rebel group is also believed to be the party that carried out the attack on Israel on the same date, although it was intercepted by the United States (US) Navy.

Previously, many Arab countries were worried that the war would spread and disrupt regional stability. Iran even says it is normal for a number of groups to attack Israel in connection with the war against Hamas and believes there will be wider impacts if a ceasefire is not reached.

“It is natural that resistance groups and movements do not remain silent about all the crimes committed by Israel,” top Iranian diplomat Hossein Amir-Abdollahian was quoted as saying AFP.

“They will not wait for anyone’s advice, therefore we need to use the last political opportunity to stop the war,” he added, saying the situation could “get out of hand”.

Israel besieges Gaza

Meanwhile, the Israeli military said it had surrounded Gaza, Thursday evening local time. This was confirmed by Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari after days of expanding ground operations.

“The Israeli army has completed the siege of Gaza city, the center of the Hamas terror organization,” Hagari was quoted as telling reporters AFP.

“The concept of a ceasefire is currently not at all discussed,” he added.

In the observation of local journalists, it was also mentioned how Israeli tanks entered the city. One of them is near Al-Shifa Hospital and Jalan Eldeen.

“Heavy firefights took place between the battle groups and Israeli tanks trying to enter the city center,” the report added.

From the same report, the situation in Gaza is reported to be increasingly tense. Friday morning, the sound of ambulances reportedly roared through the area.

Apart from ground operations, Israel continues to bombard the area. The buzz of Israeli military drones was also heard in Gaza.

Even though the UN says around 300,000 Palestinian refugees are still in northern Gaza. Where according to local doctors, the situation in Gaza “has gone beyond disaster”.

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