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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – You need to check the condition of your cellphone battery regularly. That way you can find out the situation and whether there are any indications of leaks in the battery.

Battery health will no longer be as good as it was when first used. The quality will continue to decline as time goes by.

If you are an Android cellphone user, here are several methods you can use to check the condition of the battery, from various sources, Wednesday (18/10/2023):

Samsung cellphone

Samsung cellphone owners can check battery health by downloading the Samsung Members application. This application is available on the Galaxy Store or Play Store.

Next, open the application and go to the Settings menu. Then click Battery & Device Care > Diagnostics > Phone Diagnostics, and press the Battery Status button. There you will see the cellphone battery status with various rating systems.

How to check Android cellphone battery

1. Third Party Applications

You can also check it with third-party applications. For example Accubattery, AIDA64, CPU Z, and Device Info.

2. Settings menu

  • Open the Settings application
  • Select Battery. In this menu you can see information on options such as Battery usage
  • If you want to force an application to close or disable it, click one of the applications in the menu and you will see the options you want to do
  • A number of HP brands will also provide some additional information. For example, the latest battery temperature.

3. Dial Code

  • Open the cellphone and enter the code *#*#4636#*#*
  • Next a menu will open regarding some information, select Battery Information
  • However, if the menu is not visible, it means your cellphone cannot use this method
  • Battery Information will show information such as charge level, health and temperature

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