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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Minister of Religion Yaqut Cholil Qoumas (Gus Yaqut) asked students not to vote for presidential and vice presidential candidates who have bad track records. This was conveyed ahead of National Santri Day 2023.

The peak of the santri day will take place at the Surabaya Heroes Monument, Sunday (22/10/2023). It is planned that President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) will also attend this event.

He also asked the students not to choose leadership candidates based on physical appearance, because they were lulled by sweet promises.

“Students should never want to choose, don’t choose a leader just based on it appearance “Just physically, students are not allowed to choose just because of sweet promises,” said Gus Yaqut, in Surabaya, as reported by CNN Indonesia, Saturday (21/10/2023).

He said that before voting, you must check the trail of the candidate pair. He said leaders who have politicized religion are not worthy of being elected.

“If you have a good track record, never using religion as a riding horse for your interests, please choose someone who is not like that,” he said.

Apart from that, he also advised the students not to vote for anyone grin. According to him, leaders must have a serious attitude.

“Choosing a leader who is serious, first see which leader is truly serious. Yang grin Yes, don’t cook potential leaders grin,” he explained.

The reason, he said, is that Indonesia’s challenges will be tougher in the future. This is the message that President Jokowi always conveys.

“You really have to be someone who is really ready to lead this country, because the challenges ahead are extraordinary. As President Jokowi said, the future will not be easier, but will be more challenging,” he said.

The General Chairperson of the GP Ansor Central Leadership said that he had to convey this message because according to him, every episode in the history of this country definitely involves Islamic boarding school students. For example, during the independence struggle.

“Students must be involved. Every episode in the history of this country, including voting, definitely involves santri,” he concluded.

The peak of Santri Day 2023 itself will take place during the Santri Day Ceremony at the Surabaya Heroes Monument, Sunday (22/10).

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