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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Expert answers Elon Musk’s terrifying predictions regarding the future of artificial intelligence (AI).

Billionaire Elon Musk recently expressed his opinion regarding the development of AI. According to him, artificial intelligence will mean that humans no longer need to work.

“For the first time, we will have something smarter than the smartest humans,” said Musk, quoted from Decrypt, Thursday (9/11/2023).

“It’s hard to say for sure what that moment will be, but there will be a point where there is no need for work, you can have a job if you want to have it for self-satisfaction, but AI will be able to do it all,” the Tesla boss added.

Musk even compared AI to a genie who can grant wishes. Ultimately it will eliminate the need to work when human needs are met.

Even so, a number of experts disagree with Musk’s predictions. Deepmind founder Mustafa Suleyman only said that Musk’s expertise was not in the field of AI and more in space and cars.

He understands those who are worried about predictions that AI will replace humans. However, it is still too early that advanced technology will replace humans.

“I think in the next 50 years we will have to be concerned and it is normal to feel worried,” he said.

Technology, he added, will have two sides. One of them will provide benefits, but there are also those that can disrupt the stability of life.

“Each new technology has disrupted the stability of the landscape and at the same time provided extraordinary benefits,” said Suleyman.

For your information, Deepmind is an AI research laboratory. The laboratory designs neural network models with human brain patterns.

Google is known to have acquired DeepMind in 2014. Two years later, one of the company’s AlphaGo programs is known to have succeeded in defeating world champion Lee Sedol.

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