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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Gwen Ashley’s wedding to Ryan Harris became a topic of conversation among netizens in Indonesia because it was held super luxuriously. The crazy rich wedding from Surabaya was held on November 18 at the 5 star hotel The Westin in Surabaya with the concept royal wedding.

What was special was that the bride and groom invited a number of famous stars, from Raffi Achmad and Melaney Ricardo who served as event hosts, to Raisa, Lyodra, Via Vallen and even international artists Nicole Scherzinger, Brian Mc Fadden, ex-Westlife, and Keith Duffy who appeared to sing to entertain the bride and groom. and invited guests.

The wedding souvenirs given to guests are also no less special. A video uploaded by TikTok user shares the moment he opened an orange cardboard bag with the Hermes logo, a luxury fashion brand from France.

Unboxing the coolest The Royal Wedding souvenirs. It seems like there hasn’t been and isn’t a party as cool as this one,” he wrote.

He then opened an orange box decorated with the names of the bride and groom: Ryan-Gwen. Inside the box there is a gray plate with the typical Hermes H logo.

Crazy Rich Surabaya wedding souvenirs.  (Screenshot)Photo: Crazy Rich Surabaya wedding souvenirs. (Screenshot)

Based on CNBC Indonesia’s search, the seemingly simple plate turns out to be a Hermes collection with the title Mosaique au 24 platinum square plate n°3. The graphic motif is inspired by the Art Deco mosaics that decorate the Faubourg Saint-Honore store.

The price of one plate, even though it seems simple, is quite fantastic, namely around IDR 2.2 million.

[Gambas:Video CNBC]

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