CNBC Insight Soeharto used to be the most powerful, when he retired he lived a lonely life as an entrepreneur – 6 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – After no longer holding office, a president’s retirement life is in the spotlight. Many people want to know the daily activities of the most powerful people when they were ordinary people. There are many examples of this problem in Indonesia.

President SBY, for example, when he retired was active in painting and building a volleyball club. Meanwhile, President Megawati is still active in political activities. Then President Jokowi once said that he would be active in environmental activities when he retired in 2024.

Then, what about President Suharto’s retirement? What were the daily activities of the most powerful man for 32 years? Here’s the story.

Close yourself & get sick

After reading his resignation speech on Thursday, May 21 1998, Suharto rushed back to his residence on Jl. Sandalwood No.8. That day the house was filled with sadness. He was greeted by silence and occasional sobs from his family who were not willing to let his father or grandfather step down.

However, Suharto remained firm. He has accepted reality and doesn’t want the family to be lost in sadness. For him, the decision to resign was the best way. He thought that if he persisted, the situation would get worse and there would be more victims.

“Allahu Akbar. The burden that has been on my shoulders for decades is gone,” said Soeharto, raising both hands, as quoted by Tempo Special Edition on Suharto, After He Gone (2008).

Since then, Suharto officially became a commoner. Unfortunately, his decision to resign had major consequences for his life. The wave of freedom in the reform era made Suharto and his family the object of public criticism.

Many people expressed their emotions over Suharto’s 32 years of leadership, especially regarding his alleged involvement in alleged corruption cases during his time in power. Historian Ricklefs in History of Modern Indonesia (2009) stated that since 1999, many banners have been circulating demanding an investigation into this case.

In the midst of the commotion that occurred, Suharto chose to withdraw. Still quoting Tempo Special Edition on Suharto, After He Gone (2008), Suharto spent most of his retirement with his family on Jl. Sandalwood.

He only received a few friends and officials, and these were usually accepted during Eid or birthday celebrations. However, when the meeting took place, the Great General preferred to remain silent, not telling or talking much.

One day, Yusril Ihza Mahendra, former speech writer for President Soeharto and Minister of State Secretary during the SBY era, visited Jl. Sandalwood. He saw Suharto covered in pity. The house was quiet and Suharto sat alone in a rocking chair.

“There I felt pity. The house was quiet, there was no one there. Pak Harto was sitting in a rocking chair. This is who has been in power for a long time in Indonesia, sitting alone in a rocking chair, something like that,” said Yusril, to CNN Indonesia 2018 ago.

To Yusril, the 2nd President of the Republic of Indonesia also admitted that he had run out of money to renovate his damaged house. On this basis, Suharto asked for a memento ‘allotment’ from the state according to applicable regulations, namely a house worth IDR 20 billion. However, Suharto refused to give the house and asked only for the money for renovation purposes.

Apart from having to struggle with loneliness, Suharto also had to fight the pain he suffered in his old age. It is known that Suharto had suffered from a stroke since 1999. He had been to and from the hospital several times to treat heart and digestive problems, and was forced to be in the operating room.

In the end, Suharto’s old days of honor and power ended on January 27 2008 because he died.

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