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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Ministry of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform (PANRB) is still finalizing the Draft Government Regulation on the Management of ASN Employees. However, it regulates special concepts to encourage ASN performance and the consequences if they do not perform well or underperform.

Plt. Assistant Deputy for Talent Management and HR Capacity Building for PANRB Ministry Apparatus, Yudi Wicaksono said, to encourage ASN performance in the future, the RPP for ASN Employee Management introduces the concept of ASN welfare reform. The aim is not only to encourage motivation and performance, but also to separate ASN who are professional from those who are not.

“So to encourage motivation and performance, secondly, separate ASN who are professional from those who are not, and attract targeted talent,” said Yudi at the Korpri event Greeting ASN with the theme Single Salary for ASN, Tuesday (24/10/2023).

Therefore, he revealed, in the ASN Management RPP the term Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) or Performance Improvement Plan for ASNs, both PNS and PPPK, will be introduced. In this concept, employees who perform poorly will have two choices, namely improving their performance by participating in a special program or leaving the government.

“So employees who underperform will be required to take what is called a performance improvement plan package. There they will be given the opportunity to improve and given choices of options that employees can take, whether they want to leave or improve?” said Yudi.

For ASN who decide to leave the government work environment, they will be given special money. Meanwhile, employees who decide to improve their performance will be given an improvement program.

“If you want to leave ASN, prepare money for the exit. If you make repairs, repair components will be prepared. So maybe this is a subtle term from the golden section, but later we will detail what the RPP looks like,” said Yudi.

The RPP, which is a derivative of the ASN Law replacing Law Number 5 of 2014, will consist of 18 chapters, namely general provisions; type, status and position; scope of ASN employee management, basic values ​​and work culture; as well as positions, determining needs and procurement;

Additionally, there is also a chapter on performance improvement; awards and recognition; talent and career development; competency development; dismissal; ASN employee management budget, digitalization; administrative efforts; ASN employee corps; other provisions; transition provisions; and closing provisions

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