Viral! Jabodebek LRT Strikes for 3 Minutes This Morning, This is the Cause News – 58 minutes ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – PT KAI Jabodebek LRT Division has opened its voice regarding the breakdown of the Jabodebek Cibubur Line – Dukuh Atas LRT train series this morning at 08.23 WIB, Wednesday (1/11/2023). The Jabodebek LRT train suddenly broke down for 3 minutes.

Based on residents’ reports this morning which went viral on social media, at 08.23 WIB, the Jabodebek Cibubur Line – Dukuh Atas LRT stopped in front of the Saidah Tower building. Before it stopped there was a sound like something had hit the rails, then the lights and air conditioner (AC) went out, there was no power to run, finally it stopped slowly until it reached the front of the Saidah Tower.

Jabodebek LRT Public Relations Manager Kuswardoyo confirmed the report. He said that this morning the Jabodebek LRT train stopped, due to a power trip or loss of electricity to the train, so the train stopped at that location for about 3 minutes.

“It’s true that this morning the train was stopped at that location for about 3 minutes, and then it was restarted, so that the train could operate and continue its journey,” said Kuswardoyo when confirmed.


Meanwhile, the travel schedule, he said, is still limited trainset which is the same as a few days ago, namely 9 trainset.

“And currently we are still making arrangements peak hours And non-peak hours at 10.00-15.00 WIB,” he said.

For the complete schedule, people using the LRT Jabodebek mass transportation mode can see it directly in the Instagram story post @lrt_Jabodebek.

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