Chatgpt Boss Fears Humans Will Be Driven by AI, Falling Into Tech’s Deadly Seduction – 14 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The existence of artificial general intelligence or AI is often associated with the survival of humanity.

Regarding this issue, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has a warning that AI does not have to overcome human intelligence to control the weak human mind.

“I estimate that AI is capable of superhuman persuasion, long before it can defeat human intelligence,” Altman wrote on Twitter, quoted from Futurism, Thursday (2/11/2023).

While Altman didn’t go into detail about what might happen, the prediction isn’t far-fetched.

The reason is, chatbots User-accessible AI such as ChatGPT is designed to seduce with its ability to persuade the person it is speaking to well.

At the same time, humans have begun to form emotional relationships with various people chatbots, so it sounds more convincing.

Humans dissatisfied with life have turned to the “dark” side of the internet for answers for decades in search of community and validation.

It is not difficult to imagine a scenario where criminals could target one of these vulnerable people through chatbots AI and seduce them into doing bad things.

While these people are the targets, it’s also important to remember how vulnerable the average internet user is to digital fraud and misinformation. Just input AI into it, and cybercriminals will have a very convincing tool to deceive the masses.

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