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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – As is known, Bank Indonesia (BI) decided to increase the benchmark interest rate to 6%, this also affected the bond market, more precisely the yield on government securities (SBN).

Even though it experienced a decline to 6.81% on 17 October 2023, the SBN yield immediately rose to reach 7.16% on 20 October 2023, more precisely after BI announced an increase in interest rates.

When investing in bonds or sukuk, the coupon may be something you really pay attention to because it will determine how much return you will receive each year. However, when you decide to buy bonds on the secondary market, the yield benchmark you have to look at is not only the coupon, but also the yield.

Yield is the total return on the bond you purchased, if you decide to hold it until maturity.

Buying bonds at a premium price will certainly make the yield lower, and vice versa when you buy at a discount.

An increase in yield actually indicates that bond prices are decreasing. However, considering that SBN is a financial instrument that has no risk of default, when the price drops you could actually be lucky because you bought it at a cheap price.

The following is a list of discounted SBN prices for the FR series on October 20 2023.

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One of the advantages of investing in FR series SBN is getting passive income that is paid regularly. You can also resell this instrument on the secondary market and get capital gains if the value of the bonds you own rises.

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