Alchemist CEO Reveals the Challenges of Selling Perfume in Indonesia Lifestyle – 3 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC IndonesiaNot only skin care products (skincare), local perfume products have also started to show off to compete with international brands that are exploring Indonesia. One of the local perfume brands that is popular in Indonesia is Alchemist.

Currently, Indonesian people’s interest in local perfume brands has begun to increase. However, Alchemist CEO, Naya Tinanda, admitted that he still faces a number of challenges in attracting the interest of perfume lovers in Indonesia.

“Our challenge is that if we talk on social media, for example, it is difficult to describe or tell [aroma parfum yang diproduksi]people have to kiss [aromanya] first,” said Naya to CNBC Indonesia in Jakarta, Thursday (26/10/2023).

“So the challenge is how to convey what we want to convey from scent (aroma) in a different form, but can be understood and understood by a larger audience,” explained Naya.

Apart from describing the aroma of the perfume produced, Naya admitted that one of Alchemist’s biggest challenges as a local product is creating a unique and creative aroma so that it has a distinctive characteristic when compared to other local brands.

“Just one bottle, maybe there are ten notes different things until finally it becomes a harmony, a delicious fragrance that can be enjoyed by the public,” said Naya.

“That is quite difficult because we are committed to being able to provide a unique aroma that is different from the others,” he added.

However, the CEO of this local perfume brand, which has been established since 2022, admitted that he did not have significant problems in production and raw materials. Because, his party collaborates with perfumer (the party who mixes, combines or creates perfume) locally and abroad during the production process.

Naya admitted that the perfume brand, which is a sister company to the local cosmetics brand, Rollover Reaction, has seen sales continue to increase since it was first founded. In fact, the sales of the entire perfume collection are always balanced.

“Alchemist’s sales growth is very positive. If you refer to it year-to-datepercentage of our sales doublingmore than 100 percent,” said Naya.

“We have seven aromas, the average sales are not flat, almost flat. After we did research, the entire collection of aromas turned out to be liked by the audience,” he continued.

Alchemist Presents Multisensory Exhibition

Alchemist (CNBC Indonesia/Rindi Salsabilla)Photo: Alchemist (CNBC Indonesia/Rindi Salsabilla)

Alchemist is holding a multisensory exhibition that involves all human senses through art installations, aromas and sounds at Astha District 8, South Jakarta, from 27 October to 5 November 2023.

CNBC Indonesia even had the opportunity to visit the exhibition entitled “Alchemist Spectrum: Unleash The Senses”, Thursday (26/10/2023).

In the exhibition, there are six zones or rooms that represent each Alchemist perfume collection, namely Powder Room, Pink Laundry, Galleria, Home Garden, Get My Mojo Back, Out West, and Onirique.

In each zone, visitors will be presented with installations based on the stories behind the aromas of the Alchemist perfume collection. Not only that, visitors are also invited to feel the emotions contained in the story through the smell of perfume and appropriate sounds.

Through “Alchemist Spectrum: Unleash The Senses”, Naya hopes that potential Alchemist consumers will be able to get to know each aroma and the story behind each perfume collection launched.

“This exhibition is a platform to introduce aromas and the stories behind them. Through various dimensions, shapes and aromas, people can understand and visualize what emotions or feelings they want to feel from these aromas,” explained Naya.

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