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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Living a happy day is everyone’s wish. However, not everyone knows that the key to this is having a positive morning routine.

Launching from CNBC Make ItScientists and CEOs of various companies have proven that performing a number of morning rituals early for decades provides many benefits for life.

A study states that consistently carrying out a positive morning routine can reduce stress, increase energy and increase productivity at work.

So, what are the morning routines that can provide benefits in daily activities? Here are three morning routines for a happier life.

1. Express Good Intentions

Psychologist Jessica Jackson says that starting the day by looking at a to-do list, checking e-mail and the calendar actually has a bad impact on your mood. As a result, you will go through the day feeling burdened, stressed and unhappy.

Therefore, Jackson advises everyone to start the day with meditation and saying good intentions to get through the day.

The easiest way to do this is to spend a few minutes sitting relaxed, inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly, and saying positive sentences.

“You can say “My intention today is to work to achieve success,” or “I want to feel comfortable today,” and reassure yourself that these affirmations will be achieved,” said Jackson, quoted Friday (20/10/2023).

“It can also be a form of gratitude that will guide you throughout the day,” he continued.

According to Jackson, setting an intention every morning before you move can help you focus on your priorities and be enthusiastic about the day.

2. Reduce the use of gadgets in the morning

Disconnecting from the internet and gadgets in the morning is the best way to refresh your brain and start the day.

According to psychologist, Debbie Sorensen, using devices after waking up can disturb the brain and can trigger stress, especially if you see or read negative things.

Therefore, Sorensen advises every individual to start the day without devices by reading a book, writing a journal, taking a morning walk, or doing light exercise.

“This gives you the energy to have a happy day and keep stress under control,” Sorensen says.

3. Create a pleasant morning

Without realizing it, starting the morning by smiling or even laughing turns out to have a significant effect on activities throughout the day. Because smiling or laughing can increase endorphins and provide a positive atmosphere.

“Self-care in the form of fun is as important as anything else we do to take care of ourselves,” says industrial psychologist Laura Pendergrass.

For your information, endorphins are natural chemicals or hormones in the body whose role is to relieve pain, provide positive energy, reduce stress, increase self-confidence, and create feelings of happiness.

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