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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The price of subsidized housing is quite affordable, and very attractive for low-income people (MBR). But make sure not to rush into buying a house just yet.

In fact, subsidized housing is intended for MBR, with the aim that they can have a place to live and have the status of a first home. One of the rules for owning this house is that it cannot be transferred for four years.

Even though the price is relatively cheaper than other houses, a house is still an asset that is not cheap. The expenses for buying a house are not only limited to paying the down payment and installments, but there will also be costs for shopping for furniture and small and large scale repairs.

Therefore, before buying a house, ask yourself these two questions.

Do you really need a house?

The need for housing, which is one of the basic needs, does not mean it must be fulfilled by owning a house.

If your motivation for buying a house is so that you feel like you are “not too late” in achieving home ownership, then that is a sign that you don’t really need a house.

Often people force themselves to take out a home ownership credit (KPR) because they see people their same age already own homes. This could give rise to feelings of anxiety in oneself regarding this particular achievement.

Rather than buying a house, it would be better for people like this to postpone buying a house, and use their savings to save and invest, so that one day they can buy a house that suits their needs.

Why not rent a house first?

Maybe now you are married and still live in your parents’ house with your parents and siblings there. Because of this, you think that you need housing for the comfort of your small family.

Before deciding to buy a subsidized house, what if you just rent first while saving or investing to buy a new house which might be more livable for your family.

By renting or boarding, you have a great opportunity to be able to live in the middle of the city which makes mobility easier for you.

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