Totally Blocked by Joe Biden, Xi Jinping Doesn’t Need America Tech – 6 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – After the United States (US) government implemented a policy of blocking Chinese technology, Xi Jinping’s government replaced all products used in a number of sectors with domestically made products.

China seeks to support local independence so as not to depend on Western technology. This answers the blocking rules for China that were released by the Joe Biden government in October 2022. The rules will be expanded and will likely continue to be updated every year.

This report comes from Reuters citing tenders from the government, military and state-related entities. This policy has also been implemented since last year and will be increased in 2023.

Local BUMN, for example, has replaced all office software systems with local products. This will be done until 2027.

Now this policy is expanding to other sectors. According to two sources, the next policy targets are targeting the telecommunications and financial sectors, quoted from Reuters, Saturday (4/11/2023).

The policy of using local products in the financial sector is fully supported by state researchers. They say this sector is an industry that has the potential to be hacked by Western parties.

The number of tenders conducted has also increased. In September 2022, the number was 119 tenders, increasing to 235 this year.

Not only the number of tenders, the project value is also estimated to triple from 2022. The Chinese Ministry of Finance database records the project value at 156.9 million yuan.

But unfortunately, this project to support local products will be a little hampered. The reason is that China still does not have sufficient capabilities in the field of chip manufacturing and will prevent it from making its own products.

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