This is the Main Reason Why Jews are Smart, Successful & Rich Entrepreneurs – 2 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Many Jews turned out to be successful and smart. This phenomenon has occurred since the 1900s until now.

For example, from 1901-1962, 16% of Nobel science winners were Jews. One of them is the popular physicist Albert Einstein who won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921.

One of the reasons for this success was revealed by Richard Lynn and Satoshi Kanazawa in “How to explain high Jewish Achievement” (2008). One reason is because of the strong Jewish cultural values.

Jewish families make success an absolute thing that must be achieved by every child in every generation. This makes parents encourage all their children to excel.

Parents have even made these efforts with children who are still in the womb. Based on the notes “Jewish Traditions in Pregnancy & Childbirth” (1997), Jewish parents do two things for prenatal education.

The first is that Jewish mothers listened to music while pregnant, usually playing classical music. Because this behavior can stimulate the baby’s emotional intelligence.

Mothers also continue to talk to their fetuses. This activity is believed to also stimulate the baby’s emotional side.

Another thing that mothers do is read and study mathematics. With this effort, it is hoped that the fetus’ intellectual intelligence can be developed.

Pregnant mothers also pay attention to the best nutrition. Especially fish or other proteins and vegetables.

When a baby is born, parents stimulate him to enjoy reading. This activity is believed to be a way out of ignorance.

Historian Jerry Z. Muller at Project Syndicate also spoke about the reasons for the success of the Jews. Namely related to discrimination and having an impact on strong relations between Jews.

This relationship allows them to get to know each other and start new jobs and businesses. Apart from that, they also learn to look for new opportunities that few people are interested in and will create opportunities that have not been thought of before.

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