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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Author of the book “I Will Teach You To Be Rich,” Ramit Sethi talks about how to become rich which has proven to be very effective and relatively easy to do. But the challenge is, you have to get used to this a little.

Ramit also said that the three methods mentioned below are a bit boring and seem classic. However, it can help you solve 9 out of 10 existing financial problems.

“The main way to become rich is very simple, but it looks boring. But it has proven to work,” said Sethi, as quoted by CNBC Make It, last July.

Curious about what Ramit said? Here’s the review.

Start investing, & increase your capital slowly

The first and important step in growing your wealth is investing.

“Invest a few percent of your income each year automatically, and increase the percentage of money you invest by 1% regularly,” says Sethi.

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Sethi added that an S&P 500-based index fund might be the right choice.

“We’ve always believed that rich people have secret investments, and that’s what makes them successful in making large amounts of money. Listen to me, I have access to those investments, and I can tell you right now, they don’t perform any better than the S&P 500 index,” he added.

Get a salary that suits you

After learning about investment, Sethi said that the next step you can take is to get an appropriate salary or income. For employees, you might want to learn to negotiate a salary increase first.

Do research about market salaries for people with specializations and skills like you. In essence, by knowing the market value, you will be more confident in negotiating.

When you feel like your workplace doesn’t have a good career path, don’t hesitate to look again to find the best place.

Side income is a must

“If you want to increase your income, consider opening a side business,” continued Sethi.

When you want to start, think about what you want to do and your goals for the future, then strengthen your commitment to make time.

Maybe you think that this is a difficult thing to do, but believe me

When you get used to doing this, you will become more trained to look for new opportunities.

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