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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Minister of Health Budi Gunadi Sadikin does not have a track record in the world of health because he was previously a banker for a long time.

Not surprisingly, BGS’s career journey, especially at the start of his tenure as Minister of Health, was not easy. He was faced with the Covid-19 problem and was scolded by regional leaders.

When Covid-19 broke out, patient data in Indonesia was not yet appropriate. At that time, Covid-19 test results were provided in stages from city/district to provincial offices, where it was suspected that the data could be changed.

In the end, Budi and his party had another way so that the test results could reach him directly. Namely cutting off routes and making laboratories report directly to the Ministry of Health.

At that time, the test results were entered directly into Google Form. In this way, Budi could find out about Covid-19 cases before regional leaders did.

“The test (result) was positive last night. I already knew. Because I had entered it with the lab. The Health Department, the Mayor didn’t know yet, it was out. As soon as it was done, all the governors, including the one who was running for President, were angry with me. Because the numbers all came out,” he explained. during the Tech Conference 2023 CNBC Indonesia, quoted on Sunday (12/11/2023).

The man who is familiarly called BGS also got angry with a number of doctors. This is related to the telemedicine policy he implemented some time ago.

“Doctors at least agree with telemedicine services. Because practice is based on region, Jakarta doctors practice in Jakarta. He loses land,” said Budi.

The pandemic also forced them to do telemedicine. This situation forces doctors and patients to not be able to meet face to face.

Budi also immediately lobbied the telemedicine platform to provide the service for free. Likewise with logistics startups.

“As Minister of Health, I was constantly criticized. But in the end I was praised because of this [telemedicine] people feel the benefits,” he said.

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