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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The owner of Victoria’s Secret, Leslie Wexner, was recently in the spotlight after she cut ties with Harvard University because she thought the world’s top campus was more pro-Israel. Leslie himself and his wife, Abigail, are the founders of onon-profit organization (non-profit) The Wexner Foundation has been one of Harvard University’s largest donors, according to reports CNN International.

“We are shocked and disgusted by the failure of Harvard leadership to take a clear and firm stance against the barbaric murder of innocent Israeli civilians,” said the leaders of the Wexner Foundation, quoted Monday (20/11/2023).

The Wexner Foundation announced that the Harvard Kennedy School is no longer a “compatible” partner for its organization.

They also stated that the foundation’s mission is to develop and inspire leaders in the Jewish communities in North America and Israel through programs and investments in talented professionals.

Wexner University’s decision to end ties with and financial support for Harvard is one example of donors’ response of surprise and opposition to the university’s support for Palestine and anti-Israel calls.

In a different report, CNN International mentioned that The top university’s most influential donors threatened to stop giving because of campus anti-Israel speech and antisemitism. It was stated that several of the large donors were supporters of Israel.

Leslie Wexner’s business octopus

Leslie Herbert Wexner is an American billionaire, founder and chairman of Bath & Body Works, Inc.

In 1982, Wexner acquired Victoria’s Secret lingerie business. After Wexner took over ownership, Victoria’s Secret gained global popularity by marketing its products using supermodels nicknamed “angels” and holding spectacular annual fashion shows.

Over the years, Wexner built an empire that included Victoria’s Secret, Pink (Victoria’s Secret for teens), Bath & Body Works, Henri Bendel, The White Barn Candle Company, and La Senza.

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