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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The National Energy Council (DEN) ensures that energy security in Indonesia is currently in a safe condition. Even though there are concerns about soaring global energy commodity prices due to the protracted Palestinian-Israeli Hamas war.

Secretary General of the National Energy Council (DEN), Djoko Siswanto, revealed that Indonesia’s energy security index is currently at 6.61, which means it is in the safe category. Meanwhile, this country’s dependence on imports of crude oil and LPG means that Indonesia is not yet in the very resilient category at number 8-10.

“It’s true that we haven’t reached very strong conditions yet, because we still import what is called crude oil as a raw material for refineries, then LPG imports are also very large, almost 80%, now 78%,” said Djoko in the Road to CNBC Indonesia Award 2023 Best Energy, Tuesday (31/10/2023).

Furthermore, Djoko said that living in Indonesia is something to be grateful for, apart from being far from conflict, this country is blessed with quite a lot of fossil and non-fossil energy. For example, for fossil coal energy, Indonesia is the second largest coal producer in the world as well as geothermal energy sources.

“We also have the second number geothermal in the world. We still export gas too, yes, we have wind, we have sun and so on, but we also have bio solar,” he added.

Apart from that, currently the government has also succeeded in reducing imports of fuel oil (BBM). Especially for diesel fuel and aviation fuel through the implementation of the B30 program.

“So, is the figure 6.61 really sustainable? Well, it has been tested, yes, in other countries. Coal crisis, gas crisis, we have 24-hour electricity, people have fuel and LPG available, well, that’s a sign that the experts’ calculations are tested and proven that we are in “resistant category,” he said.

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