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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Nearly 30 thousand gambling content was blocked by the Ministry of Communication and Information. This number is quite large because it is only carried out during the first 9 days of November.

According to the Ministry of Communication and Information, there was 28,977 content blocked from 1-9 November 2023. The most findings occurred on 1-2 November, namely 4,462 and 4,365 content, quoted from the Gambling Content Handling Data report, Friday (10/11/2023).

This number is quite a lot compared to the content handling on 17-31 July 2023. For two weeks, Kominfo handled 30,013 online gambling content.

Meanwhile, from July to October it continued to increase. In August there was 55,834 content blocked and an increase of 96,371 content during September 2023.

The most significant increase occurred in October. It was recorded that 293,665 pieces of content were handled and in the first month the number of entries reached hundreds of thousands of pieces of content.

In total, during the period 17 July to 9 November 2023, 504,860 pieces of content were handled. This means that in less than 4 months, there was half a million pieces of content that were discovered and handled by the ministry.

Previously, the Ministry of Communication and Information had declared that Indonesia was in a state of emergency for online gambling. When met last October, Deputy Minister of Communication and Information, Nezar Patria, explained that the Directorate General of Information Applications (Ditjen Aptika) of Kominfo was working 24 hours to eradicate online gambling sites.

But this step is also not easy. Because new sites keep popping up even though they have been blocked.

“So this is really a huge amount of work and as we know one more takedown appears, but we never stop monitoring and taking firm action for online gambling,” said Nezar.

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