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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – PT Bukit Asam Tbk (PTBA) through the Eco Agrotomation Program (Environmentally Friendly, Automation-Based Plant Cultivation) has succeeded in greening 1.3 hectares (ha) of land in Tanjung Karangan Village, Muara Enim. Initially this land was idle land and more than 40,000 plant seeds were planted.

PTBA VP Sustainability Hartono said that efforts to achieve the carbon neutral (Net Zero Emission) target and tackle climate change cannot be done alone. Synergy with stakeholders, including the community around the company, is very necessary.

“This commitment is proven by inviting pioneers, initiators and bringers of change, namely Local Heroes, to work together to make changes for a better civilization,” said Hartono in an official statement, Friday (27/10/2023).

The success of the Eco Agrotomation Program is not only the result of PTBA but also the cold hands of a 40 year old man who is a Local Hero from Tanjung Karangan Village, namely Zailani.

Zailani said that this environmentally friendly, automation-based plant cultivation began with the development of the Climate Village Program by PTBA in Tanjung Karangan Village. From there, a spirit of caring for the environment grew among the village community. Together with 10 members, Zaliani then pursued the Eco Agrotomation Program to support greening programs in the surrounding area.

“We are very grateful to PT Bukit Asam Tbk which has supported us to develop better programs through training, mentoring, and program development. I and my team, never stop inviting the community to continue to care about the environment so that the earth we live on remains safe. sustainable,” said Zailani.

In 2022, he and PT Bukit Asam Tbk will start business development by implementing automation based on new and renewable energy, namely Solar Power Plants (PLTS), in the plant cultivation process. Before automation, watering and fertilizing plants was done manually so that the quantity of water and fertilizer given could not be maintained according to standards.

Thanks to this automation, now watering and fertilizing plants can be done automatically at standard doses. The resulting plants are better and use water more efficiently. The automation system also has a monitoring dashboard that is connected to a cellphone, making it easier for managers to monitor and manage their plant cultivation.

The environmentally friendly mission is also achieved through the use of PLTS as an electricity source. Not only does it reduce emissions from the plant cultivation process, this new and renewable energy (EBT)-based automation also reduces daily operational costs.

The Eco Agrotomation program in Tanjung Karangan Village now not only supports improving the community’s economy, but is also able to routinely carry out social awareness programs in the surrounding environment. This includes providing assistance to the elderly, orphans, as well as incidental assistance for natural disasters.

Apart from that, the Eco Agrotomation Program in Tanjung Karangan Village has also developed into an agrotourism location. Many educational and government agencies conduct tourist visits as well as learning related to environmentally friendly, automation-based plant cultivation.

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