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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Chinese technology giants are increasingly ambitious in developing cyber security technology. This follows increasingly heated tensions between China and the United States (US).

Veteran companies such as Huawei and Tencent have now secured 6 of the 10 most advanced global patents in the cybersecurity technology sector, according to a Nikkei Asia report in collaboration with US information services provider LexisNexis.

The data collected comes from various registered patents from 95 countries.

The report said that the US computer manufacturer, IBM, holds the most cybersecurity technology patents with 6,363. Furthermore, Huawei and Tencent are in second and third place, with 5,735 and 4,803 respectively.

In the ‘Top 10’ global patent holders, Ant Group, which is a business unit of Alibaba, is in sixth place with 3,922. Alibaba Group Holding holds 3,122 patents.

Meanwhile, special investment fund firm China Investment Corp. has 3,042 patents, quoted from CNBC International, Tuesday (7/11/2023).

The heated geopolitical conditions between the US and China have had a major impact on the technology sector. The two countries block each other, but the US throws more ‘bombs’ at China.

Joe Biden’s administration has completely blocked all exports of crucial advanced chipmaking components and manufacturing tools to China. As a result, the Chinese giant had to quickly launch a strategy to escape dependence on the US and truly operate independently.

The registration of cybersecurity technology patents proves that China no longer wants to ‘follow behind’ US technology.

“There has been a dramatic increase in patent registrations from Chinese firms overall, particularly since 2018,” said Hiroko Osaka, Head of Marketing in Asia for LexisNexis’ intellectual rights department.

Huawei is one of the Chinese technology giants that has received the most sanctions from the US since 5 years ago. In 2018, the US banned all entities in the country from accessing Huawei technology and services.

In 2019, Huawei was blacklisted by the US. US companies cannot do business with Huawei at all. Apart from that, the US also prohibits Huawei from accessing technology made by companies from its country.

“Securing intellectual rights (IP) is necessary in the technology and data war between the two countries. This may trigger Chinese companies to flock to register patents,” said Osaka.

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