Minister of Communication and Information Opens Up on Data, Facebook Nests 2024 Election Hoaxes Tech – 5 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Ministry of Communication and Information found 526 election hoax content on social media during the period 19 January 2022 to 27 October 2023. The largest number was found on Facebook with 455 pieces of content.

“There is a lot of spread of hoaxes and disinformation related to the election on Facebook which is owned by Meta,” said Minister of Communication and Information Budi Arie Setiadi, at the Election Hoax Awareness Press Conference, Friday (27/10/2023).

Budi added that Meta has committed to working together to stop the spread of hoaxes across its platforms. “They also have a commitment to immediately take down all content identified as a hoax,” he said.

From data from the Ministry of Communication and Information received by CNBC Indonesia, there are 526 election hoax contents, of which 378 have been taken down. For Facebook, 332 content has been taken down and 123 content is being followed up.

Meanwhile, 11 hoax content on Twitter are still in follow-up status. Instagram only has 1 hoax content and it has been followed up. While Tiktok found 25 contents, take down steps have been carried out on 14 contents and the remaining 4 contents are still being followed up.

Snack Video has 17 hoax content and 14 contents have been taken down. From YouTube, 17 hoax content was recorded, 10 have been taken down.

The issue of hoaxes related to elections also continues to increase up to 10 times. In 2022, only 10 issues will increase to 98 issues during 2023.

“Kominfo noted that throughout 2022 there were only 10 hoaxes. January 2023 – October 26 2023 there were 98 election hoax issues. This means there was a 10-fold increase in hoax issues compared to last year,” he said.

Based on the same report, hoax issues will also continue to increase for 10 months in 2023. In particular, from July 14 issues increased to 18 issues in August.

Hoax issues decreased in September by 13 issues. However, it finally increased again to 21 issues for October.

“Since July 2023 there has been a significant increase from month to month,” said Budi.

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