Learn from Nagita’s Father, Don’t Delay Taking Care of Your Assets Gono-Gini My Money – 3 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The issue of Nagita Slavina’s parents’ wealth seems to be entering a new phase. After before Rieta Amilia and the Central Jakarta National Land Agency (BPN) again did not attend the trial, Gideon Tengker will take this case to the criminal realm.

“Certainly, my friends have heard directly from Uncle Gideon Tengker, Friday afternoon at 12 o’clock (making a police report),” said Erles Rareral as Gideon Tengker’s attorney when met at the South Jakarta District Court, Wednesday (22/11/2023) as quoted second.

Initially, Gideon’s legal team had intended to make a police report since the case first emerged, but Gideon refused.

Reportedly, the value of Gideon and Rieta’s assets alone reaches IDR 300 billion. The assets include four houses in the Central Jakarta and South Jakarta areas, the Ritz Frame Production House, and the Rietz Kitchen Restaurant.

Apart from that, there are also Wyndham Resort Lodgings, Tamansari Jivva in Bali, Rumah Luwih Beach Resort in Bali and 3 Apartment Units at The Capital Residence, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta.

As is known, the absence of a prenuptial agreement will certainly make all assets obtained after the marriage become joint property.

In fact, there is no time limit for managing these assets. However, it would be more precise to resolve this matter as quickly as possible in order to avoid problems that arise in the future.

So what are the consequences of postponing the distribution of shared assets that you should know? Here’s the review.

Proving gono-gini assets will become increasingly difficult

As time goes by, the process of identifying assets that are joint assets of the ex-spouse will become increasingly difficult, especially if the couple does not have a record of the assets.

This could also make it difficult to prove assets in the future, especially from assets that are current assets.

Expensive legal processing costs

Costs related to law such as lawyer services, courts, and so on are certainly not small. The existence of this problem will only increase the burden on the person concerned.

Apart from the cost issue, time will also be consumed to deal with this one problem. In fact, the time spent can be used for productive things.

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