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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Gibran Rakabuming Raka, the vice presidential candidate (cawapres) who is paired with Prabowo Subianto, has become a hot topic of conversation on social media recently. His name was trending on platform X (formerly Twitter).

After being announced as vice presidential candidate, the name ‘Gibran’ became a discussion in more than 109 thousand posts on X.

In the midst of his name trending and excitement in the mass media, Gibran opened his voice. The eldest son of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) responded casually to what happened to him on the internet.

“Stay relaxed even though it’s trending,” he said via his personal X account @gibran_tweet.

The post was a reply to a netizen’s upload asking Gibran to write ‘words of the day’.

Netizens’ opinions are divided regarding Gibran’s nomination as vice president. Many supported his steps, but there were also those who criticized him.

Not only criticizing Gibran, the Constitutional Court has also become the target of criticism from several netizens. Before Gibran’s candidacy, the Constitutional Court was known to have announced a decision regarding the minimum age for presidential and vice-presidential candidates, which was previously at least 40 years.

This decision means that 36 year old Gibran can register as a participant in next year’s elections. Netizens who did not accept this changed the name of the MK Building location to Family Court on the digital map service Google Maps.

One of the reasons is that Chief Constitutional Court Anwar Usman is Jokowi’s brother-in-law and Gibran’s uncle.

Following are several comments from netizens regarding Gibran’s candidacy as vice president, summarized by CNBC Indonesia:

“Today @psi_id, God willing, declared support for the presidential election for Prabowo Gibran’s partner.

Our party, PSI, is not yet married to Mas @ganjar_pranowo or Mas @aniesbaswedan

However, for us, the presidential election is a normal contest every five years. This difference in choice does not have to break friendships with friends who have different supports.

Hopefully we will continue to remain friends, OK!” said the account @FaldoMaldini.

“Why are you frowning like that, Mr Gibran? He’s already been nominated as vice presidential candidate. Please smile…,” said the account @narkosun, while sharing video footage of Gibran visiting the Solo Mayor’s office.

“Tomorrow, Wednesday, when Gibran declares Prabowo’s vice presidential candidate… I will remove the Jokowi Attribute Header that I have made and used since I supported Jokowi.

As a form of disappointment and resistance to the brutal behavior shown recently by the Jokowi Family towards Indonesian Democracy

If you want to take part, please save and change your header.. Slide 1 is what I will use personally.. Slide 2 is for you.. we will use it until Ganjar Mahfud’s victory day

Let’s win Ganjar Mahfud..

As a form of our resistance against this Cawe Cawe Power,” said the account @StefanAntonio__


Gibran has:

2 periods of experience as the son of the Mayor of Solo,

2 years as the son of the Governor of Jakarta,

2 terms as the President’s son and the last

2 years as Mayor of Solo.

Let’s AMEN Indonesia,” said the account @ommi_siregar.

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