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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Current BPJS Health or Healthy Indonesia Card (KIS) participants can reprint their cards themselves if they lose them. That means, you don’t need to come to the BPJS Health office.

Card BPJS Health itself is needed every time you want to get free services at community health centers, clinics or hospitals that collaborate with the government. However, if you lose your card, don’t worry, you can print it yourself.

Printing a BPJS Health card is very easy and can be done online. Here’s the presentation:

How to Print a BPJS Card Online Via the Official BPJS Health Website

1. First, please log in to the page bpjs-kesehatan.go.id

2. Then, select the “print card” menu listed on the site

3. Then, input personal data such as NIK and so on

4. After that, you can immediately print the BPJS card independently

How to Print BPJS Cards Online Via the JKN Mobile Application

1. First, download the Mobile JKN application on PlayStore or App Store

2. Then, open the application

3. If so, select the “card” menu and a digital card will appear

4. Then, select the letter icon

5. Your BPJS card will be sent via registered email

6. Next, please open the email

7. Finally, please print the card you received in the email yourself

How to Print BPJS Cards Online Via the eDabu Application

Apart from using the Mobile JKN application, you can also print BPJS cards via the eDabu Mobile application. This method can be used by business entities to manage the administration of JKN KIS for their workers. Here are the steps:

1. First, download the eDabu Mobile application

2. Then, log in using the registered User ID and password

3. Click the “Participants” menu and select “Input data”

4. Then, enter the BPJS card number, employee number, NIK, or KK number

5. If so, click “next”

6. Select the “KIS Print Mutation Type” menu

7. Select the blue button to download

8. Finally, you can print it yourself

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