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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The historical journey of the Jewish people is interesting to explore further, especially from the aspect of success. Indeed, everyone has the same opportunity to achieve success. It’s just that the process and travel time that each person goes through is different.

However, specifically for Jews, there have been many studies that reveal that they are more likely to be successful. This is based on their many high achievements throughout world history.

During the 20th century, for example, Jews in the West succeeded in becoming intellectual figures and occupying the highest economic classes. Then quite a few of them succeeded in winning the highest award in science, namely the Nobel.

In the period 1901-1962 alone, 16% of science Nobel winners were Jews. For example, the famous physicist of Jewish descent, Albert Einstein, who won the Nobel Prize in physics in 1921.

In fact, referring to Paul Burstein’s research in “Jewish Educational and Economic Success in the United States” (2007), he specifically wrote that in the United States, Jews were recorded as more economically and educationally successful than other national and racial groups.

So, why does this happen? What’s the secret recipe?

Discussions about the success of Jews have actually sparked the curiosity of researchers for a long time. According to Richard Lynn and Satoshi Kanazawa in “How to explain high Jewish achievement” (2008) there are at least two hypotheses to explain their high achievement.

A mini electric car developed by City Transformer drives out of the company's offices during a demonstration for Reuters in Kfar Netter, near Tel Aviv, Israel November 20, 2018. Picture taken November 20, 2018 REUTERS/Amir CohenPhoto: Israeli Electric Car (REUTERS/Amir Cohen)
A mini electric car developed by City Transformer drives out of the company’s offices during a demonstration for Reuters in Kfar Netter, near Tel Aviv, Israel November 20, 2018. Picture taken November 20, 2018 REUTERS/Amir Cohen

First, Jews are proven to have above average intelligence. Regarding this matter, our discussion goes back hundreds of years.

The success of Jewish people who were successful and had high achievements occurred a long time ago. There are countless people who have succeeded in contributing their thoughts and energy to the development of science and human benefit.

From this, many people view them as having extraordinary intelligence. Unfortunately, this view was obtained only from empirical observations and qualitative measurements.

As revealed by Jacobs in writing Jewish Contribution to Civilization (1919) who said, “German Jews are at the pinnacle of European success”. Jacobs’ basis for conveying this was due purely to an empirical view that saw the success of Jews in Europe at that time.

However, due to the lack of measuring instruments in the form of intelligence tests or Intellectual Quotient (IQ) tests, this statement is not necessarily valid.

It was only when IQ tests began to be developed in the mid-20th century that the hypothesis that Jews had high intelligence, one of which was Jacobs’ statement, could be strengthened by the test results. The test results show that it is true that Jews have above average intelligence.

Meanwhile reasons second, their success is based on strong cultural values. The cultural value that Lynn and Kanazawa mean is the work ethic to pursue success.

For Jewish families, success is an absolute thing that must be achieved by every child in every generation. As a result, every parent requires their children to excel. They provide the best nutritional intake and provide motivation to have a hobby of reading.

Because, they believe that literacy is the only way out of ignorance. They have proven this themselves based on cases in the era of the Abbasid Islamic Caliphate (750 AD-1258 AD).

At that time, referring to research entitled The Chosen Few: How Education Shaped Jews (2012), they experienced a traumatic event in the form of the destruction of a temple. From here, they are then inspired to be able to read and escape the trap of illiteracy.

Long story short, when they had adequate literacy, they left their old jobs in the agricultural sector and focused on the literacy and education sectors. When pursuing this new sector, they believe that these two things are proven to make them prosperous in terms of income. On this basis, in the future Jews were very oriented towards education.

Mark ZuckerbergPhoto: Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook & one of the most successful Jews in the world

Not only those two reasons, another opinion was also expressed by historian Jerry Z. Muller in Project Syndicate. According to him, the success of Jews is also closely related to the discrimination they have experienced, which has had an impact on two things.

First, they have strong inter-Jewish relations. In the future, this relationship will open up fortune. They get to know each other, can start new jobs and businesses.

Second, they learn to look for new opportunities that not many people are interested in, so they can raise their status. Later, they will pursue work as traders or create new discoveries that have not been thought of before.

Regarding the creation of new discoveries related to creativity, Paul Burstein’s research in “Jewish Educational and Economic Success in the United States” (2007) states that this could happen because they are skeptical of local conventional ideas that are fostered where they live.

So, when they didn’t want to use these ideas, the Jewish immigrant’s brain immediately thought creatively to create new ways that would stimulate creativity and intellectual intelligence. Later, all of this will lead to success in the economic field.

At least those are some of the secret recipes for Jewish success. These methods can actually be imitated by everyone. Because, to achieve success and wealth we need to learn a lot from other people, regardless of race, religion or ethnicity.

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