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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – It is a common opinion that Chinese people are fluent in business. In Indonesia alone, there are many people of Chinese descent who own businesses.

In fact, quite a few of them have made their names among the richest people. In Indonesia, for example, from the list of the 10 richest people in 2022 version Forbesonly two that aren’t of Chinese descent.

So, what is their secret recipe for success in business?

If you look at the success stories of descendants, they have the same pattern. Namely “leaving China, arriving in someone else’s country, starting a business, and getting rich”.

Becoming rich is basically the goal of Chinese people. Quote The Dragon Network (2013) by AB Susanto, in the Chinese community the accumulation of wealth is defined as the standard of success for a person or family.

Being rich is the source of all privileges and status. Therefore, Chinese people are willing to work overtime like horses in the pursuit of wealth. They believe the process will not betray the results.

To achieve all this, most Chinese people, whether they realize it or not, are influenced by Confucianism. This is the main recipe for their success. Confucianism is a teaching that spread in East Asia, especially China, which was born by the Chinese philosopher named Kongzi.

In this teaching there are five ethics, including Ren (humanity), Yi (truth or justice), Lie (decency or etiquette), Zhi (knowledge), and Xin (integrity). If all of them are carried out, virtues such as courage, adaptability, self-confidence, discipline, strong motivation, honesty, creativity and visionary will emerge.

Apart from that, Confucianism also requires a person to carry out their roles and functions in society and not interfere with other people’s roles and functions. Aka, focus on your own business. This means that traders as traders cannot play the role of kings. However, that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to build relationships.

Furthermore, Irene and Rosalie are deep Achieving Business Success in Confucian Societies: The Importance of Guanxi (Connections) (2016) said that relationships or Guanxi are an important aspect and a source of good fortune.

Guanxi is described as a personal relationship between two people that exists because they need each other, the result of which is a mutualistic symbiosis. The two people do not have to have the same social status. In the future, the relationship created will make Chinese people gain profits because they will become more well known, one of which will make their business prosperous.

In short, for Chinese people, getting to know each other is an important aspect, although not all introductions result in profits. Entrepreneur Sudono Salim could be an important example. The founder of the Salim Group is acquainted with many other people, be they elites, entrepreneurs or ordinary people. Salim’s meetings with Suharto, Mochtar Riady, Ciputra, Tahir, and various other people succeeded in giving birth to a very large business empire.

After adhering to Confucian teachings and building relationships, the next step, said AB Susanto, is to strengthen the family.

In the traditional Chinese view, succeeding in making one’s family proud is a great achievement. So, every parent will definitely educate their children with good values ​​so that their children can maintain or grow the glory of the family.

Family is something that must be protected. Because this is true Chinese business is a family business. Parents who are successful in building a business have an obligation to teach their children.

It is not surprising that large companies in Indonesia continue to be held by nuclear families from generation to generation. Establishing a family business also aims to create prosperity for the entire family.

Then what is no less important and must be the basis is respecting ancestors. Every Chinese person is required to respect their parents and ancestors. Don’t badmouth them. If you are successful you are also required to build your hometown. If you don’t do this, it is feared that your life will be difficult and there will be no blessings

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