BRILiaN BRI Choir Wins Champion at Ini Lifestyle Choir Festival – 38 minutes ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The BRI Choir Community, BRILiaN Choir won the champion title at the Financial Services Sector Choir Festival (FPSSJK) competition. In this competition, BRILiaN Choir succeeded in winning the highest prize (Grand Prix Champion).

Regarding this achievement, BRI Human Capital Director Agus Winardono expressed his greatest appreciation to the BRILiaN Bankers (BRI Workers) who are members of the BRILiaN Choir. According to him, this victory is a form of BRI’s support as a community program that all BRI employees can participate in to encourage employee work-life balance so as to increase employee engagement.

“This achievement is one of the good achievements in the field of human resources and of course organization. This is also in line with the strategic concept of human resource development promoted by BRI by focusing on 3 main pillars, namely people, culture and organization,” said Agus in a statement written, Wednesday (22/11/2023).

In this competition, BRI presented 2 song lists (repertoire), consisting of 1 song “Piso Surit” which was recomposed by Vatara A. Silalahi and 1 free choice song, entitled “Fajar dan Senja” by Ken Steven. The song Piso Surit from the Karo area was performed for the first time.

The choir group consisting of 39 singers trained by Yoga Pranata and Fitri Intendia also won 1st place in the Choice Song category and 2nd place in the Indonesian Folk Song category, as well as a gold medal award with the highest score of 88.41.

According to one of the judges, Yasashi I Evelyn Pangaribuan, BRI was considered to have sound production capabilities that could produce good choral sound. They are also able to convey messages through the power of sound expression that can touch the listener.

For your information, FPSSJK is the largest annual choir festival between financial service institutions which has been held since 2015. This year, FPSSJK brought together 24 choir groups from various Financial Services Institutions and Public Service Institutions, where each participant was required to perform 2 pieces of song.

Since 2021, FPSSJK has established provisions for the performance of new song works by each participant with the aim of improving the quality of choral music in Indonesia as well as adding to the repertoire of songs from various talented arrangers or composers.

Meanwhile BRILiaN Choir is a community of BRI Group workers who have the ability and interest in the field of vocal training and was founded in 2018. This group has won several of the highest awards, including 1st place in the 2018 OJK KPS and 1st place in the 2020 OJK KPS.

In this year’s competition, the BRILiaN Choir consists of BRILiaN people from the BRI Group, consisting of Head Office, RO Bandung, RO Jakarta 1, Regional Office (RO) Jakarta 2, Regional Audit Office (RAO) Jakarta 3, RO Malang, RO Manado , RO Medan, RO Semarang, RO Surabaya, and Bank Raya, a subsidiary of the BRI Group.

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