08:54 Road To CNBC Indonesia Awards Sucor Sekuritas Investment Tips for Facing War & High Interest My Money – 27 minutes ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia- CNBC Indonesia is preparing to hold the 2023 CNBC Indonesia Awards as a form of appreciation for the performance achieved by economic actors and the business world throughout 2023.

Ahead of the 2023 CNBC Indonesia Awards, CNBC Indonesia is holding the 2023 Road to CNBC Indonesia Awards for the “Best Financial Services” category which will showcase the role, prospects and financial services sector players who have performed well in driving Indonesia’s economic progress amidst global uncertainty.

CEO of Sucor Sekuritas, Bernadus Wijaya in the Road to CNBC Indonesia Awards 2023 is optimistic about the prospects for the domestic financial market in facing global economic and geopolitical turmoil.

In the era of high interest rates and the Hamas-Israel war and the Indonesian presidential election, Bernardus saw a tendency for investors to focus on safe haven instruments including term deposits and bonds. Meanwhile, for the stock market, investors can make purchases in stages.

What are the prospects and challenges for the Indonesian financial market amidst the turmoil? For complete details, see Anneke Wijaya’s dialogue with the CEO of Sucor Sekuritas, Bernadus Wijaya at the Road To CNCB Indonesia Awards 2023,CNBCIndonesia (Monday, 11/20/2023)

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