06:29 Video Kertajati Airport Reopens, Confident It Won’t Be Suspended Again News – 5 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The government, through the Ministry of Transportation, has made various moves to bring West Java International Airport or BIJB Kertajati back to life by attracting the interest of the public and airlines. One way is to explore international cooperation.

So what is the impact of the government’s policy to make Kertajati Airport busier?

Muhamad Singgih, Director of BIJB, said that the busyness of the airport depends on the business situation and tourist travel. BJIB has collaborated with the provincial and city district governments to realize the potential in their regions. Singgih is also optimistic that Kertajati Airport will be busy again because connectivity is ready to use.

For complete details, watch Dina Gurning’s dialogue with Muhamad Singgih, Main Director of West Java International Airport (BJIB) in the Focus On Infra segment on CNBC Indonesia’s Evening Up Program, Tuesday (07/11/2023).

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