06:14 Video Must Have State Permit, Pay Attention to Groundwater Use Rules News – 13 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – People are required to obtain permits if they want to use groundwater. These regulations are contained in Law No. 7 of 2004 concerning water resources, where it is stated that both agencies, private homes, government, legal entities, social institutions and communities that use 100 cubic meters of groundwater per month need to obtain a permit to use groundwater from wells or excavation. So what is the urgency of this regulation?

Head of the ESDM Groundwater Conservation Center, Taat Setiawan, said that environmental damage is a real threat due to excessive use of groundwater. Moreover, the problem of drought which has not yet ended is the reason why there is a need to control groundwater use.

For complete details, watch Safrina Nasution’s dialogue with the Head of the ESDM Groundwater Conservation Center Taat Setiawan on CNBC Indonesia’s Nation Hub Program, Thursday (02/11/2023).

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