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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – NASA discovered a new treasure in space, captured by the space probe ‘Lucy’. During Lucy’s exploration to observe the asteroid Dinkinesh at a speed of 10,000 mph, there were findings that surprised scientists.

Apparently, there are two asteroids. NASA says a smaller asteroid measuring 220 meters orbits around Dinkinesh which measures 790 meters.

Then, after looking closer, it turned out that the small asteroid was divided into two asteroids that were smaller in size.

“After NASA’s Lucy aircraft collected asteroid data on November 1 2023, the team was surprised that the satellite circling Dinkinesh was split in two. The two small objects were in contact with each other,” said the NASA report, quoted from MashableThursday (9/11/2023).

This is NASA’s first discovery of twin asteroids orbiting a single giant asteroid.

For your information, the search for the Dinkinesh asteroid was carried out before Lucy explored the Trojan asteroid around Jupiter. The mission to Dinkinesh was carried out as a test of Lucy’s abilities ahead of the search for the Trojans.

However, the search for Dinkinesh revealed the discovery of a rare ‘treasure’ that had previously been unthinkable.

“We already suspected there was a satellite circling Dinkinesh because the asteroid was emitting bright light. However, we didn’t expect the discovery to be so surprising,” said John Spencer, deputy scientist for the Lucy mission from the Southwest Research Institute.

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