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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The drama of the removal of OpenAI founder, Sam Altman, from the position of CEO has become a major topic of discussion in the technology industry. Mr AI, who popularized the ChatGPT service, was ‘kicked’ by the board of directors on Friday (17/11) last week.

However, in just 5 days, Altman finally secured his position at OpenAI again. At the same time, Altman changed the names of those sitting on the board of directors.

In that 5 day period, there were many incidents that colored drama within OpenAI. You could say, this drama is the most exciting in the history of Silicon Valley.

The following is a timeline of important incidents related to Altman’s sudden dismissal until his eventual return to OpenAI, summarized by CNBC Indonesia, Thursday (23/11/2023), from Reuters.

November 17

OpenAI’s board of directors fired Sam Altman as CEO. Minutes later, OpenAI President and Co-founder Greg Brockman resigned after being removed from his seat on the board of directors.

The company then appointed OpenAI CTO Mira Murati as Interim CEO.

November 18

  • OpenAI COO Brad Lightcap sent an internal memo to employees regarding Altman’s dismissal. He said there were communication problems between Altman and the board of directors. He also emphasized that Altman did not commit any irregularities.
  • OpenAI’s initial investor, Khosla Ventures, said it wanted Altman to return to OpenAI. They will also continue to support Altman’s steps for his next projects.
  • An inside source said employees were worried about the impact of Altman’s dismissal. Some said they wanted to join Altman’s new company.

November 19

Altman discussed the possibility of returning to OpenAI. Apart from that, he will also focus on developing new AI startups, according to Reuters sources.

November 20

  • Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said he had recruited Altman and Brockman to head the AI ​​development research team at his company.
  • OpenAI appointed former Twitch boss Emmet Shear as interim CEO. OpenAI also approached its competitor, Anthropic, to discuss a possible merger.
  • Almost all OpenAI employees threatened to leave en masse and join Altman at Microsoft, if the board of directors did not resign.
  • Several OpenAI investors plan to sue the company’s board of directors over Altman’s dismissal.

November 21

OpenAI said Altman returned as CEO with new names to fill the board of directors. They are Bret Taylor and Larry Summers. Adam D’Angelo remains on the board of directors. Brockman also returned to OpenAI but did not take a board seat.

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